Frequently Asked Questions

I'm having trouble downloading the Demo.
Please read the instructions on the Phys-X Demo page. Contact us if you are still having trouble.

I'm having trouble upgrading to Version 7.
Please read the instructions for Upgrading to V7.

I'm having trouble installing Phys-X Version 7 on a network server.
Please read the instructions for V7 Server Install.

Can I add my own exercises?
Yes! You can modify existing exercises, or create new exercises from scratch.

How can I create illustrations for my exercises?
You can scan pictures or drawings,
...or use a digital camera,
...or draw using a paint program (such as PhotoShop or Windows Paint),
....or you can also modify the built-in illustrations.

Can I print in color?
Yes! If you have a color printer, Phys-X will let you choose colors for text and print illustrations in color.

Can I put my company name and logo on printouts?
Yes! You can easily put you name and logo on printouts. You can even specify the color, if you have a color printer.

Why is Phys-X so inexpensive?
Because there is no reason for it to be more expensive! We pride ourselves on providing excellent quality products at a reasonable price.
While some programs offer more extensive exercise libraries, we realized that we could never include all exercises that our customers might want. Therefore, our main focus is to allow users to customize exercises and add their own, so that they can have exactly the ones they need.

Does Phys-X work on a network?
Yes! Phys-X Version 7 can be installed on a network and multiple users can acess the program and share data.
Please read the instructions for V7 Server Install.

Each concurrent network user must have a license.
Each additional license is $60.


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